About MSF

Minhas School Foundation® is one of the leading, non-profit and independent organizations, officially registered as an NGO, providing education free of cost to the poor children of slum areas of the county. It works under its own Memorandum of Articles of Association and leadership. It has no affiliation with any regional ethnic or political organization of Pakistan or anywhere in the world. MSF is exclusively engaged and supports educational activities and programs. It neither seeks political positions nor does it support any political causes or activities. Whatever financial supports, it provides to any other organization at home or abroad it is purely for charitable purposes, particularly supporting education services.  MSF is dedicated to the service of humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of creed, religion and political association.

“Education for All” is a very beautiful and motivating social slogan, which is raised by the government but is seldom realized in its true manifestation and perspective. Acquisition of education is a basic human right; however the government finds it difficult to provide education to everyone.

Paucity of resources has always been taken as a hindrance in the way. Even governments of developed countries like that of the U.S.A are unable to provide education to everyone. Under this scenario the importance of non-government organizations (NGOs) has increased manifold as they are actively involved in social sector activities such as the provision of basic education to a poor community/area/locality, although it may be on a smaller scale.

There are also some socio cultural barriers which do not allow government to deliver social services. The government therefore encourages NGOs to help them out as NGOs have roots in the community and as such they have an edge to reach communities in a better fashion.

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