Weight Loss and Fitness Tips for Winter Season

Weather is getting cold, and it becomes difficult to get out of the bed early in the morning. In winter people tends to take what ever they like for their lunches and dinners ignoring the augment of body fats. Extended metabolism in winter can only help us to a certain degree. In order to get smart and shed some belly fats follow these tips:
Do not ignore the importance of break fast, eat more low fat food: Whole grains, salads and veggies are best and take time to chew; it allows your brain to register when you are full. Diets do not work. Eat healthy foods five days a week.
Exercise whatever you like, for 1 hour at least three times a week. A recent study taken by British Medical Journal reveals that stronger the muscles longer the life span. Yes it is difficult to go out for this purpose especially in winter, if it is so try some yoga exercise in your room. A classic eBook in pdf on Yoga can be downloaded free of cost from the page of HeathandFitness of http://www.msf-ebooks.org.
If you can go out side in the morning or before sunset, the best exercise is brisk walking. At least 30 minutes of walk is enough for burning the undesired fats. Instead of using elevator, take the satires. These will strengthen the muscles and reduce the abs.
Reduce the intake of soft drink instead take more water and milk. At least 8 glass of water a day is necessary for obtaining slim body. Fruit must be included in your diet especially for lunch. During the day avoid junk food instead keep dry fruits and nuts for snacking. A recent study reveals that good posture will help you get the flat abs so sit up straight.
In order to monitor your weight instead of using scale take a snap of yourself and then after 1-2 week repeat this for comparison, this will motivate you more than the weighing. Let join a friend or neighbor, this will help to do the activity regularly. Late night dinners will only lead to belly fat, try to take you dinner before 8. Keep in mind slow but steady wins the race, so do the above activities regularly.


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