Self Help and Success Tips

All of us want to be successful in life. There are goals set and then the hard

work begins to reach those goals. The question is what is success? In fact the perception is different for everyone.  For example an Internet Marketer might set his goal to get $500 per day.  A car sales man might set his goal to sale at least 1 car a day.  A house woman the goal to delight her spouse and children by serving them fantastic dishes at the dinner might be the most success for her.  Here we want share some common tips for getting success in the venture.

  • In order to succeed at anything, you need to realize that you have the interest in it and there must be some affection in that particular work or venture.
  • Create a Business Plan or a Project Plan (if it is a personal endeavor), as your very first step if you are planning to build a business/venture. Whether you will be searching for investors or not, this plan will be the blueprint to your success.
  • You have to persevere to reach success even Thomas Edison had to learn this when he was creating the luminous light bulb, it took him more than 10,000 times to get it right.
  • Be determined and focused.
  • Be cheerful, it has been proven in many studies that a person living in a happy state generally gets much further in just about everything he does. Good attitude and a happy, healthy mind will help you meet your objectives.
  • In this modern age you don’t have to do work hard instead you have to do work smart.  Strive for the best, even if it requires a little more time and effort.
  • Learn new things, when asked about his failures by a young boy, Edison commented, “Young man, I didn’t fail 9,999 times, I discovered 9,999 ways not to invent the light bulb.” As you work toward your specific success, always enjoy opportunities to learn, even if it takes longer than you think it should.
  • Be a good listener, to succeed, you need to learn how to listen first. Pay attention to other people who have enjoyed successes in their life, attend seminars given by people that can motivate and encourage, or be open to hearing that a particular idea is not a good one. Good listening takes time to learn but in the end, it will be your utmost tool.
  • Be member of blog/forum of like minded people, it is important to surround yourself with people that can associate with your goal and passion, people who understand the burning desire to succeed and can encourage when you meet with failures.
  • Be patient, succeeding takes time. A goal worth setting will take time to achieve, the people around you, and the process it takes to become successful.
  • Reward yourself, when children do something great, parents reward them with something nice, whether a kind word of encouragement or a new toy. When people do well in their job, they get raises. As you surpass your milestones, treat yourself to something nice – a new dress, a new wrist watch, whatever you like, be sure to award yourself for a job well done.
  • Study biographies of successful people, read some good book on self-help.  Perhaps you may know Dr. Joe Vitale, the famous writer of several best sellers’ books.  He wrote in his book “Attract Money Know”, that at one point of his life in the mid 1970s he was homeless, no car, no home, no money. No job no food, no friend no hope. He was in poverty; he lived in a room in a house where toilet was behind a curtain in the living room. It cost him $200 a month to live there and he usually struggled to come up with the money. But he learned how to accomplish goals as he has mentioned 7 steps formula for success in his book. Today he is a millionaire.  This book can be easily downloaded from just free of cost.

2 thoughts on “Self Help and Success Tips

  1. I agree! I have borrowed this definition of success: Success = the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.” That allows success for a college sophomore who is learning to learn, or for the person who chooses to teach reading in the ghetto, or for the artist who create beautiful works, or for the individual who delivers the mail – and a smile.

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